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Table 5 CPET-derived recovery phase parameters, with difference between survivors and non-survivors after major colorectal cancer surgery at 1-year follow-up

From: Clinical covariates that improve surgical risk prediction and guide targeted prehabilitation: an exploratory, retrospective cohort study of major colorectal cancer surgery patients evaluated with preoperative cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Variables Survivors Non-survivors AUROC P-value
VO2: slope (IQR) 0.54 (0.46-0.62) 0.61 (0.57-0.70) 0.74 0.008
Heart rate: slope (IQR) 0.81 (0.74-0.87) 0.89 (0.81-0.95) 0.74 0.006
Ve/VCO2: slope (IQR) 28.5 (23.90-32.90) 32.1 (24.20-39.40) 0.59 0.318
PETCO2: slope (IQR) 0.95 (0.92-1.00) 0.97 (0.92-1.10) 0.60 0.279
  1. Results are presented as median with IQR
  2. A larger ‘Ve/VCO2 slope’ implies a slower recovery from peak performance to baseline
  3. VO2, maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise; Ve/VCO2, minute ventilation relationship to carbon dioxide elimination; PETCO2, end tidal partial pressure of carbon dioxide