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Table 1 Pre-CC7 examinations

From: Huashan perioperative nursing program for stroke patients undergoing contralateral seventh cervical nerve transfer

  Examinations Examination purpose
Basic examination Routine blood analysis, coagulation function test, electrocardiogram, tests of viral hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV Routine preoperative assessment
Specific examination Echocardiography Identify cardiopulmonary function is acceptable for surgery
Identify mural thrombus is absent
Pulmonary function test
Carotid artery ultrasound Identify that there is no severe vascular stenosis or unstable plaque
Head CT angiography
Lower limb deep vein ultrasound Identify no deep vein thrombosis exists
Brachial plexus MRI Identify that there is no anatomic variation
Brain functional MRI Brain plasticity assessment