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Table 1 Characteristics and main outcomes of all included articles (n=16) assessing the predictive role of ΔAlb in terms of postoperative complications

From: Postoperative decrease of albumin (ΔAlb) as early predictor of complications after gastrointestinal surgery: a systematic review

Authors Year Design Surgery N Primary outcome Delta Albumin threshold MV analysisa
Mantziari et al. 2015 Prosp Abdominal 70 Metabolic profile N/A Yesb
Hübner et al. 2016 Prosp Abdominal 70 Stress response and compl N/A N/A
Labgaa et al. 2017 Prosp Abdominal 138 Stress response 10 g/L Yes
Kumar et al. 2020 Prosp Abdominal 50 Compl N/A N/A
Müller et al. 2018 Retro Intestinal 182 Compl 24% Yes
Galata et al. 2020 Retro Intestinal 103 Major compl 27% N/A
Fan et al. 1989 Prosp Esophagus 40 Compl N/A N/A
Labgaa et al. 2020 Retro Esophagus 1046 Major compl 11 g/L Yes
Liu et al. 2017 Retro Gastric 223 Compl. 14% Yes
Ai et al. 2019 Retro Gastric 193 Compl 19% Yes
Giovannini et al. 2006 Prosp Liver 92 Compl N/A N/A
Labgaa et al. 2016 Retro Liver 106 Compl N/A Yes
Hendifar et al. 2016 Retro Pancreas 106 Compl N/A N/Ac
Ge et al. 2017 Retro Colorectal 626 Compl 15% Yes
Wierdak et al. 2018 Prosp Colorectal 105 Infectious compl 5 g/l N/A
Wang et al. 2018 Retro Colorectal 193 Major compl 17% Yes
  1. Compl complications, MV multivariable, N/A no answer, Prosp prospective, Retro retrospective, POPF postoperative pancreatic fistula
  2. aMultivariable analysis showing ΔAlb to be an independent risk factor
  3. bΔAlb was not independently associated with postoperative complication
  4. cFound no association between ΔAlb and complications but with ΔAlb and disease-free survival