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Table 11 Disadvantages and limitations of using honey as a dressing in our study

From: Does application of honey improve surgical outcome in pilonidal cyst excision with secondary intention healing? A prospective randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial

Disadvantages of using honey Limitations of the study
High price The effects of various types of honey and their concentration were not studied yet
Becomes more fluid at high temperatures, and it may liquefy at ambient wound temperature, and risk of leakage Some of the patients in intervention and placebo groups were lost to follow-up, and replaced with the other ones.
Risk of liquefaction restricts body site usage The PSD tissue was not evaluated by the computed tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Due to bacterial inoculation of the wound from unsterilized honey, sterilization of unprocessed honey is needed For the widespread use of honey, appropriate sterilization on unprocessed honey is needed (i.e., gamma-irradiated), and in this study we could not apply that
Could cause pain and discomfort  
Gamma-irradiated for sterilization of unprocessed honey is expensive