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Table 3 Correlations between patient characteristics, intraoperative haemodynamic parameters and Comprehensive Complication Index and length of stay

From: Can routine perioperative haemodynamic parameters predict postoperative morbidity after major surgery?

 Comprehensive Complications IndexLength of hospital stay
Taup valueTaup value
 Comprehensive Complication Index1   
 Length of stay in hospital (total)0.374*0.0051 
 Preoperative risk assessment (NSQIP)0.241*0.030.2040.11
 Postoperative creatinine increase0.130.420.1180.1
Intraoperative (duration in min)
 Heart rate > 1000.0510.65−0.0260.89
 Heart rate < 550.0570.610.0560.70
 Heart rate > 870.1310.400.1790.39
 Systolic blood pressure < 1000.1710.380.1550.35
 Pulse pressure > 620.1820.320.317*
p= 0.007
 Pulse pressure < 530.0110.71− 0.0420.80
 Mean arterial pressure < 750.319*0.030.318*0.03
 Mean arterial pressure < 550.2090.110.1440.53
  1. Data shown are Kendall’s correlation coefficient for tied ranks (Tau-B)
  2. *p value < 0.05, actual value given