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Table 3 Percentages of respondents in academic vs. non-academic practice arrangements reporting 50% or greater adherence to assessed care practices

From: Adherence to recommended practices for perioperative anesthesia care for older adults among US anesthesiologists: results from the ASA Committee on Geriatric Anesthesia-Perioperative Brain Health Initiative ASA member survey

 Practice organization: academic practice n/N (%)Practice organization: all other* n/N (%)p
Preoperative frailty evaluation using a formal measurement scale42/442 (9.5%)37/1,084 (3.4%)<0.001
Preoperative comprehensive geriatric evaluation26/441 (5.9%)18/1085 (1.7%)<0.001
Multimodal analgesia use in the first 24 hours after surgery386/442 (87.3%)881/1084 (81.3%)0.004
Preoperative screening for dementia or other pre-existing cognitive impairment using a formal measurement scale75/443 (16.9%)95/1,084 (8.8%)<0.001
Postoperative delirium screening using a formal measurement scale*84/442 (19.0%)93/1,083 (8.6%)<0.001
Preoperative provision of information to patient or family regarding the risk of developing delirium or other cognitive disorders after surgery209/443 (47.2%)605/1,083 (55.9%)0.002
  1. *Including solo practice/two-physician practice, group multispecialty practice, group national practice, group regional/multi-state practice, single-specialty group practice, and other