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Table 1 Hemodynamic results from left and right heart catheterization

From: A guide for pre-procedural imaging for transcatheter aortic valve replacement patients

 Aortic root pressures (mean pressure), mmHg 160/81(91)
 LVP Not measured
 FA saturation, % 98
 mRAP 7 mmHg
 RVP 27/7 mmHg
 PAp (meanPAp) 27/17 (30) mmHg
 PCWP 10 mmHg
 Fick CO/CI 5.5/2.8
 PA saturation 59%
  1. LHC left heart catheterization, RHC right heart catheterization, LVP left ventricular pressure, FA femoral artery, mRAP mean right atrial pressure, RVP right ventricular pressure, PAp pulmonary artery pressure, PCWP pulmonary capillary wedge pressure, CO cardiac output, CI cardiac index, PA pulmonary artery