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Table 1 Education toolkit

From: Using provider-focused education toolkits can aid enhanced recovery programs to further reduce patient exposure to opioids

Perioperative nursingIntraoperative providersPostoperative providers
Educational focus
 Evaluation of surgical versus non-surgical (gas) painMinimizing intraoperative opioid useSetting patient expectations regarding postoperative pain
 Use of non-medical interventions as first line (heat packs, ice packs)Advocating use of TAP blocks or local anesthesiaAvoiding escalating opioid use without discussing risk and benefit with patients
 Recommendations regarding escalation of analgesic interventions with use of opioids lastRunning epidurals intra-operatively when availableRecommendations regarding escalation of non-pharmacologic analgesia and pharmacologic analgesia
 Advocating use of multimodal analgesiaUse of multimodal analgesia (magnesium, lidocaine if appropriate, Toradol)Use of multimodal analgesia
Educational strategy
 Quarterly in-servicesWritten protocolMonthly didactic conference
 Standard bookletMonthly didactic conferenceMonthly orientation and handbook