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Table 4 Telephone interview within 2 weeks of discharge (n = 60)

From: Patient experience of health and care when undergoing colorectal surgery within the ERAS program

How did you feel coming home?n = 48 felt fine
n = 7 felt coming home was difficult, i.a., becauseof worry/uncertainty about colostomy and being alone
n = 5 felt it was difficult, because of fatigue/pain/nausea
Did you feel that you had received the information you needed to feel safe upon coming home?n = 50 felt well-informed. Written discharge information was very helpful and gave a feeling of safety
n = 9 lacked information on diet/colostomy/surgical dressing
n = 1 received wrong information about list of drugs
How do you feel now, after the operation?n = 24 report fatigue; 11 of these nonetheless report feeling well
n = 20 feel well
n = 7 report fatigue and nausea, pain or worry
n = 4 report pain and/or nausea
n = 4 report worry/depression
n = 1 reports troublesome bowel symptoms
How is your appetite now?n = 28 experience no problems with eating
n = 23 report decreased appetite/eating less
n = 9 report no appetite
If you experience a lack of appetite, what do you think it is due to?n = 8 report nausea
n = 8 report early satiety
n = 4 report food tasting strange/different
n = 4 report not feeling hungry
n = 4 do not know why
n = 4 report other reason
What is the consistency of your stools?n = 15 report loose stools
n = 9 report varying consistency
n = 8 report normal consistency
n = 4 report hard stools/constipation
n = 24 report colostomy
Do you have problems urinating?n = 32 report no problems
n = 11 report problems urinating
n = 9 report urinating more often/frequent need to urinate
n = 3 report incontinence
n = 5 report not being able to discontinue IUC/Carefix*
Do you experience pain around the surgical site? If “yes,” what kind of pain relief do you use?n = 35 report using paracetamol and/or ibuprofen regularly
n = 14 report using no pain relief
n = 8 report taking oxycodone (OxyNorm) as needed
n = 3 report taking paracetamol as needed
Do you have pain anywhere else in your body?n = 17 report already using pain relief because of pain elsewhere
Do you feel strong enough to be up and about now, after the operation? How often? For how long?n = 60 report being up and about and active
n = 36 report resting once or several times per day
n = 21 report walking long distances
How do you feel about me calling you?n = 60 report that the call conveys joy, a feeling of safety and professionalism and that “someone” cares
Do you have any other thoughts and questions?n = 6 have questions about colostomy care and materials
n = 3 have questions about call back/the next appointment—when will that happen?
n = 1 has questions about sick leave
n = 1 has questions about medication