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Table 1 Characteristics of patient and family member participants

From: Assessing needs of patients and families during the perioperative period at King Abdullah Medical City

CharacteristicsPatients (N= 77)Family members (N= 67)
Age (years) mean ± (SD)49.58 ± (16.3)35.03 ± (9.83)
Highest educational level completed
 Non educated184
 Elementary school117
 Junior high school113
 High school1425
 Advanced study34
Received information before coming to the hospital on
 Time to arrive89.6%80.6%
 Where to park19.5%34.3%
 Location for admission51.9%67.2%
 Items to bring to hospital24.7%43.3%
 Information on taking your usual medications before coming to the hospital55.8%ــــــــــــــ
 Location of OR family room22.1%53.7%
Relationship to patient
 Father or mother10
 Husband or wife4
 Brother or sister15
 Son or daughter26