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Table 2 Characteristics of exercise programme in the intervention group

From: The role of cardiac rehabilitation using exercise to decrease natriuretic peptide levels in non-surgical patients: a systematic review

Author, yearInterventionTime periodControl group activity
Kobayashi et al. 2003Cycle 15 min. HR equivalent to VT. 2–3 times/week12 weeksNormal level of activity
Meyer et al. 2004Cycle at for 45 min. 4 times/week12 weeksNot specified
Jonsdottir et al. 2006Aerobic and resistance training. Cycle for 15 min, 50% of peak work load, and gradually increased then 20 min circuit training. 2 times/week20 weeksNormal level of activity
Maria Sarullo et al. 2006Cycle 30 min 60–70% of peak VO2. 3 times/week12 weeksNormal level of activity
Brubaker et al. 2009Cycle 3 times/week. Start at 40–50% of HRR then increased after 2 weeks to 60–70% HRR for 15–20 min16 weeksNormal level of activity
Malfatto et al. 2009Cycle or treadmill 40 min HR to 60% of VO2 peak. 3 times/week12 weeksNo training
Parrinello et al. 2010Walking 30 min. 5 times/week10 weeksNormal level of activity
Gary et al. 2011Walking and resistance. Target HR within prescribed range and rate of perceived exertion within 1512 weeksStretching and flexibility exercises
Guazzi et al. 2012Cycle ergometer 40 min. 60% HRR12 weeksNot specified
Norman et al. 2012Aerobic exercise, 3 days a week, at 40%–70% heart rate reserve, based on the baseline CPET, or 11–14 on Borg scale for 30 min with 15 min warm-up and 15 min cool-down. Resistance training, 2 days a week, 8–10 exercises (upper and lower body) performed for one set of 10 to 15 repetitions, using weight machines, free weights or elastic bands. Supervised for first 3 weeks24 weeksNo supervised exercise
Sandri et al. 2012)Cycle 4 times/day. Workloads were adjusted to heart rate so that 70% of the symptom-limited maximum oxygen uptake was reached4 weeksNot specified
Eleuteri et al. 2013Home based with calibrated cycle ergometer. 30 min 5 times/week. Power and HR corresponding to AT12 weeksNormal lifestyle activities
Ahmad et al. 2014, HF-ACTION substudySupervised 3 times per week: walking/treadmill/stationary cycling. Initial 15 to 30 min heart rate 60% of heart rate reserve and ramped up. At home: exercise adherence and amount formally measured12 weeksNo supervised exercise
Aksoy et al. 2015Supervised two groups, continuous up to 50% VO2 peak no change in intensity. Interval cycling with high and low intensity. 35 min 3 times/week10 weeksNo exercise
  1. VO2 maximum oxygen consumption, HR heart rate, HRR heart rate reserve, AT aerobic training, CPET cardiopulmonary exercise training, VT ventilatory threshold