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Table 6 Studies findings on factors influencing patient satisfaction: operational function of hospital

From: Primer on adult patient satisfaction in perioperative settings

Author (year) Number of participants Study design Questionnaire Main factors influencing patient satisfaction
Bain et al. (Bain et al., 1999) (1999) 3408 Cross-sectional Questions on information, outcome, and timing of events Waiting times between admission, operation, discharge, and unexpected pain
Otte (Otte, 1996) (1996) 8 Qualitative Semi-structured interviews Efficiency of scheduling and planning of their surgery
Chung et al. (Chung et al., 1999) (1999) 345 Cross-sectional Visit Specific Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (VSQ) Efficiency of clinic operation (e.g., scheduling of appointments and waiting time)
Mazurenko et al. (Mazurenko et al., 2015) (2015) 12 Qualitative Interview on patient experience and satisfaction Staffing (e.g., nurse to patient ratio), technical infrastructure (e.g., medical records system) and interdisciplinary relationships
Schoenfelder et al. (Schoenfelder et al., 2010) (2010) 2699 Cross-sectional 23 items on perceived care, demographics, and visit characteristics Interpersonal manner of medical practitioners and nurses, organization of operations, admittance, and discharge, and perceived length of stay
Fregene et al. (Fregene et al., 2017) (2017) n/a Cross-sectional Questions on overall satisfaction, fasting times and communication Waiting times, communication and fasting
Hart et al. (Hart et al., 1996) (1996) 118 Cross-sectional Questions on preoperative period, attitude of the personnel, and postoperative period Overcrowded departments and lack of a sufficient number of registered nurses during night shifts