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Table 2 Studies findings on factors influencing patient satisfaction: information provision to patients

From: Primer on adult patient satisfaction in perioperative settings

Author (year) Number of participants Study design Questionnaire Main factors influencing patient satisfaction
Lemos et al. (Lemos et al., 2009) (2009) 251 Cross-sectional Questions on logistics, and those relating to surgery At discharge: postoperative pain control, waiting time for surgery, patient changing room conditions
30 days post-surgery: clinical outcome, information given, and postoperative pain control
Mira et al. (Mira et al., 2009) (2009) 7899 inpatients, 15,539 outpatients Cross-sectional SERVQUAL and additional questions on surgical experience Inpatient: information at admission, knowing what type of professional one was dealing with, and informed consent
Outpatient: informed consent, information about home care after discharge
Caljouw et al. (Caljouw et al., 2008) (2008) 307 Cross-sectional Leiden Perioperative care Patient Satisfaction questionnaire How patients were approached and the amount of information they received
Leinonen et al. (Leinonen et al., 2001) (2001) 874 Cross-sectional Modified Good Nursing Care Scale Amount of information received and encouragement to ask more questions about unclear matters
Fung et al. (Fung & Cohen, 2001) (2001) 30 Cross-sectional Questions pre-operative, intra-operative, pre-discharge and post-discharge outpatient anesthesia care Information received and communication with the physician and staff members
Oswald et al. (Oswald et al., 2018) (2018) 292 Cross-sectional EORTC-Info-25 Amount of information received
Johnson et al. (Johnson et al., 1999) (1999) 1445 Cross-sectional Measures of relative satisfaction with various core aspects of care Printed discharge information received
Forsberg et al. (Forsberg et al., 2015) (2015) 170 Cross-sectional Patient’s Perspective questionnaire (QPP) Personalized information about the surgery and perioperative period
Otte (Otte, 1996) (1996) 8 Qualitative Semi-structured interviews on outpatient surgical experience Amount of information received
  1. EORTC-QLQ European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire