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Table 1 Studies findings on factors influencing patient satisfaction: clinician communication skills

From: Primer on adult patient satisfaction in perioperative settings

Author (year) Number of participants Study design Questionnaire Main factors influencing patient satisfaction
Hepner et al. (Hepner et al., 2004) (2004) 857 Cross-sectional Hospital-created for pre-operative clinic Communication and information provided during pre-operative visit
Kahn et al. (Kahn et al., 2015) (2015) 182 Cross-sectional HCAHPS Respect from doctors, doctors listening, nurses’ listening, doctors’ explanations, and attempts to control pain
Gebremedhn et al. (Gebremedhn & Lemma, 2017) (2014) 269 Cross-sectional Questions on various perioperative experiences Patient admission status, information about the disease and operation, and operation theater staff attention to the patients’ complaints
Mira et al. (Mira et al., 2009) (2009) 23,438 Cross-sectional SERVQUAL and additional questions on surgical experience Information at admission, knowing what type of professional one was dealing with at any given time, informed consent, information about home care after discharge
Schmocker et al. (Tevis et al., 2015) (2015) 456 Cross-sectional S-CAHPS Surgeon’s preoperative communication and attentiveness on the day of operation
Capuzzo et al. (Capuzzo et al., 2005) (2005) 219 Cross-sectional 23-item instrument on patient satisfaction Kindness and regard of caregivers, feeling safe, and information given by anesthetist
Heidegger et al. (Heidegger et al., 2002) (2002) 2348 Cross-sectional Psychometric measure on anesthesia care Information, involvement in decision-making and continuity of personal care by the anesthetist
  1. HCAHPS Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, S-CAHPS Surgical Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems