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Table 3 Types of procedure

From: Comparing the experience of enhanced recovery programme for gynaecological patients undergoing laparoscopic versus open gynaecological surgery: a prospective study

Type of procedure No. of cases (n = 144)
Laparoscopic hysterectomy for benign cases or early endometrial cancer 74
Open simple hysterectomy for benign cases (transverse and subumbilical incision) 46
Complex open surgery for staging/cytoreduction without bowel resection 23
Complex open surgery for staging/cytoreduction with bowel resection 1
  1. The type and length of incision is known to impact patient’s recovery. Therefore, patients who had laparoscopic surgery with smaller incision have less pain and recovery quicker. Patients with a transverse and subumbilical incision would have less pain compared to patients with supraumbilical incision with complex open surgery