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Fig. 2

From: Pre- to postoperative coagulation profile of 307 patients undergoing oesophageal resection with epidural blockade over a 10-year period in a single hospital: implications for the risk of spinal haematoma

Fig. 2

Dynamics of routine coagulation status between insertion and withdrawal of epidural catheters. Each solid grey line represents a patient. The beginning of the line at time = 0 represents results taken preoperatively, while each line ends at the time at which the patients’ epidural catheter was taken. Note that only two data points are shown for each patient. The dotted black lines show mean pre- to postoperative changes for the whole patient group and stars indicate a significant pre- to postoperative difference using the paired Student’s t test (P < 0.05). aPTT, activated partial prothrombin time. PT-INR, prothrombin time international normalised ratio

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