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Table 2 Point of care (POC) assessment and intervention prospects to avert hospital readmissions

From: A case management report: a collaborative perioperative surgical home paradigm and the reduction of total joint arthroplasty readmissions

Opportunities to avert a readmission in the emergency room
1. Point of care (POC) ultrasonography (Ramsingh et al. 2015) for bedside assessment of cardiopulmonary function, volume status, vascular access, gastric volume, bladder volume
2. Advanced pain management intervention including multimodal therapy with regional techniques ± indwelling catheters
3. Liaisons to surgical services that may be confined to the operating room and delayed in patient assessment
4. Patient education, medication reconciliation, expectation management, multimodal anxiolysis
5. Postoperative nausea and emesis management
6. Assessment and management of perioperative medical complications
7. Assistance with transitions in care with community primary care providers (PCPs) or other specialists to provide rapid and appropriate disposition planning