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Table 1 Criteria for phone screening

From: Day of surgery cancellation rate after preoperative telephone nurse screening or comprehensive optimization visit

Must be   
  -BMI < 40 and weight < 350 lbs (160 kg)  
  -Vital signs recorded within the last 60 days  
  -English speaking  
  -Age 14–65  
Acceptable co-morbidities include   
  -Allergies < 5 food, drug, or other allergies
Controlled seasonal allergies acceptable
  -Anemia Only if from menorrhagia associated with planned surgery and Hct > 26 % (Hgb > 8 g/dl) documented <30 days
  -Seizures Seizure-free >1 year
  -Depression Stable on ≤ 2 meds
  -Endocrine Stable hypothyroidism with no recent med changes
  -Diabetes Controlled ≤ 1 oral med. Hgb A1C < 7.5 within the last 3 months
  -Hypertension Controlled ≤ 3 meds (<170/<95)
  -Mitral valve prolapse If asymptomatic
  -Neoplasms without organ metastasis Head and neck, thyroid, soft tissue, orthopedic, breast, renal cell, melanoma
  -Smoker No new productive cough, no severe COPD
  -Severe systemic disease  
  -Coronary artery disease  
  -Scheduled for high-risk surgery  
  -Refuses blood transfusion (unless seen by a center for blood conservation)  
  1. To be eligible for nurse screening, a patient must be all of the first group of criterion, may have any of the second group, but must not have any of the third group