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Table 3 Main current concerns regarding the use of specific crystalloids and colloids

From: Perioperative fluid therapy: a statement from the international Fluid Optimization Group

Solution Concerns Literature
Normal saline Hyperchloremic acidosis Hyperchloremia after noncardiac surgery is independently associated with morbidity and mortality [108]
Reduction of renal perfusion May contribute to acute renal injury [109,110]
Starch solutions Acute kidney injury and increased requirement of renal replacement therapy Critically ill septic patients [111-114]
Increased mortality Critically ill septic patients [112,114]
Increased need for PRBC transfusion Critically ill septic patients [114]
  1. Results of clinical trials comparing fluid resuscitation with colloids and crystalloids in different populations have been conflicting. This table summarizes current concerns regarding specific crystalloids and colloids.