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Figure 2

From: The maintenance and monitoring of perioperative blood volume

Figure 2

Capillary with red blood cells and endothelial cells (EC). The inner lining of the glycocalyx and trapped plasma together form the endothelial surface layer (ESL). A revised Starling formula would be as follows: J v  = K f ([P c P i ] –Ώ[Πesl – Πb]) where J v is the net filtration, K f is the filtration coefficient, P c is the capillary hydrostatic pressure, P i is the interstitial hydrostatic pressure, Ώ is the reflection coefficient, Πesl is the oncotic pressure within the endothelial surface layer and Πb is the oncotic pressure beneath the endothelial surface layer. Within the ESL there is practically no circulation [15]. EC: endothelial cell; ESL: endothelial surface layer.

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