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Table 1 Overview and classification of minimally invasive CO monitors

From: Less invasive methods of advanced hemodynamic monitoring: principles, devices, and their role in the perioperative hemodynamic optimization

Modality Available devices Requirements Additional values
Pulse pressure analysis    
-Uncalibrated devices Flo/Trac-Vigileo Standard arterial line GEDV, EVLW
Pulsioflex Standard arterial line
LidCO rapid Standard arterial line
-Calibrated devices LidCO plus Standard arterial line
PiCCOplus Standard arterial line
  Central venous line
Volumeview Standard arterial line
  Central venous line GEDV, EVLW, GEF
-Transesophageal CardioQ/CardioQ-OCM Transesophageal probe FTc
-Transthoracic USCOM Transthoracic probe
Echocardiography ClariTEE Miniaturized transesophageal probe  
Gas rebreathing NICO Disposable rebreathing circuit  
Bioimpedance/ Bioreactance    
-Thoracic electrical bioimpedance
- Bioreactance BioZ Specific electrodes
NICOM Specific electrodes
Non-invasive monitors    
  Nexfin Finger probe Hb
Masimo Specific pulse oximeter PVI
esCCO ECG/ specific pulse oximeter PWTT